Manager’s Message

Mata Mariam Jan Seva Vidyalay


On behalf of Management of Mata Mariam Jan Seva Vidyalaya, I extend a warm welcome to MMJSV.

We, the management and staff of Mata Mariam Jan Seva Vidyalaya, Narnaul, are a community of persons who devote ourselves to human excellence, spiritual growth and social justice for the active service of God, India and human community. It has been a constant endeavour of MMJSV to accompany our students to live for God – to connect to Almighty and build one’s relationship with God. MMJSV calls upon each staff member and student to be spiritual in all that he/she does. Lead for India – help our students be responsible towards the nation and be true citizens of our great nation. Each student is expected to be an example of true citizen and to be a leader for the welfare of the nation. MMJSV stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of persons. The all-round development of students and their sincere commitment to God and country is given priority.

We at MMJSV aim at creating a just world by educating our students to be Conscience – knowing what is good and bad and choosing only good come what may: Competent – shining where they are and with what they have; Compassionate – feeling for and feeling with others, individuals who are people for and with others; Committed – humbly proving themselves to be persons of competence, conscience and compassion.

School education is a fundamental right of all Indian citizens. School education addresses the key requirements of the nation. School education is the stepping stone for the formation of responsible, productive, informed, cultured and conscious citizens who are committed to nation and democracy.

Thank you for choosing to be part of MMJSV family. Let us work together to achieve our goals and make a difference.


Fr. Anthony M. Fernandes, sfx.,
(Manager, MMJSV)