Manager’s Message

Mata Mariam Jan Seva Vidyalay

The health of a nation is a measure of the health of its institutions, especially educational institute that bring to birth its nation-builders, including some if its finest citizens who collectively shape its destiny and chart its course towards progress and prosperity. Thus so, today, we the community of MMJSV, Narnaul, Are on the threshold of achieving a monumental milestone in completing 25 years of institutional existence. It’s been a long journey…a voyage of discovery, learning, facing insurmountable challenges and storms that weathered our course towards the current level of excellence we have attained. Undoubtly, this is a proud moment and calls for celebration, but we must remember that the journey is ongoing….. Never ending…….. And so should our endeavors towards greater excellence be unceasing!! Let us then, rededicate ourselves to the noble work of shaping our children as world class citizen, imbued not only with the drive for personal excellence but with a character seeped in compassion, and a deep desire to give their best in forming a just and equitable society.

“As manager of the school, I place on record, the unmatched contribution and sterling dedication and commitment of the founding Fathers, to which we owe an un-repayable debt. Their scarifies and hard toil paved the foundation for which we owe them owe deepest gratitude and respect. I congratulate the current team of teachers of MMJSV, headed by its Principal who are constantly striving to take the school to greater heights. May God grant us all the strength, and grace to run our course, and guide each member of our school community, students, teachers and non-teaching staff alike to live up to the goals of the institutions. LONG LIVE OUR MATA MARIAM SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!


(Manager, MMJSV)