Fee Structure

1. The Payment of the School fees is done in the (school office)

  • Fees are deposited on a quarterly basis. Fees are accepted in the months of April (for quarter April to June along with supplemenng annual charges etc.) July (for the quarter July to September), October (for the quarter October to December), and January (for the quarter; January March).
  • The last date to deposit fee for a given Quarter is 15th of the first month of the given Quarts (as specified above)

2. FeIf the fees are not paid within two months, the pupil's name will be deleted from the School Rolls, and re-admission will not be easily granted.es

3. Once deposited, fees and other charges will not be refunded under any circumstance.

4. Failure to pay the due fee and other charges before the commencement of the examinaons may debar a student from it in all cases, the school management shall with hold the result, and the student concerned will not be eligible for promoon to the next class unless the dues are- cleared within the me spulated by the school management.

5. A fee will also be charged for any extract from school records.

6. The school management reserves the right to modify or enhance the amount of fees and other charges annually. The said modificaon / enhancement shall become due payable with prospecve effect.

Note: For further details concerning the payment of fees, kindly refer to the fee booklet

Classes Nursery to XII

1st Quarter On or before 15th April
2st Quarter On or before 15th July
3rd Quarter On or before 15th october
4th Quarter On or before 15th January